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Increase productivity. Increase retention. Keep top performers happy.

Are you a manager of a team? 

Don’t have the time or budget for coaching or consultations? 

Are you feeling burnt out or getting discouraged due to high absenteeism?

Imagine … building a team where you can help support their true potential.

Support your team with Lunch-and-Learns!

Our lunch-and-learn programs can help you boost productivity and reduce stress.

Here’s What a Typical Lunch and Learn Looks Like.

Our lunch-and-learns follow our signature framework designed to help managers increase productivity, increase retention and create a happy workspace.
Here’s how:
Phase 1: Learn it! Understand the concept.
Phase 2: Identify the topic area within your workplace.
Phase 3: Apply what you learn.
Throughout each lesson, you will receive reflective questions to elevate your learning.

What Are STRiVE’s Lunch-and Learn?

Build your team’s tool kit with quick and educational mental health videos. STRiVE can help your team decrease stress and learn key indicators to build a stronger team. These sessions leave you ready with practical tools to get you results.

Find a session that works for you.

Coping with stress

Learn how to reduce stress and build a trauma-informed workspace.

What you will get: 

2 pre-recorded videos on reducing trauma and stress at work.

Strategies to boost resilience.

An understanding of stress and trauma

How to recognize the signs of distress and how to respond in a proactive way.

Strategies to build resilience.

A PowerPoint presentation.

Only $490.00 CAD

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Beyond The Bystander Training

Learn how to create a mentally healthy workspace.

What you will get: 

An understanding of the bystander effect

Steps to recognize the signs of distress.

How to respond in a proactive way.

How to have the crucial conversation.

How to de-escalate the conflict.

How to create psychological safety.

A worksheet.

Only $199.00 CAD

Don’t miss out on these amazing resources.

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