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Mental Health
Education for Managers.

Increase productivity. Increase retention. Keep top
performers happy.

Want to create a team environment where employees feel emotionally safe?

Here’s the answer for you: an accessible, inclusive, personal workbook.
A Team Work Blueprint that …

The Content
What’s Inside?

Module 1 ​
Leading Self and Others
Build your emotional awareness tool belt to better support you and your team.
Module 2
Mental Health Essentials
Recognize stress triggers while developing healthier coping strategies.
Module 3
Psychological Safety
Assess your team’s mental safety while learning practical safety tips.
Module 4
Difficult Conversations
Learn how to identify triggers and navigate difficult conversations while building your tool kit.
Module 5
Post-Conflict Team-Building
Create your own post-conflict game plan.

Build Psychological Safety At Work. ​

How it Works.
We took evidence-based mental health resources and field research and adapted them to fit your workplace needs.
The result?
Increase in team cohesiveness, decrease in stress and clarity around creating psychological safety as leaders.
As a manager, you set the tone that can make or break retention and productivity.
Believe Them.

About The Author.

I am a Mental Health Clinician, Project manager, entrepreneur and founder of Strive Mental Health, Wellness and Empowerment. For over 10 years, I have been making a difference one life at a time through psychoeducation, collaboration and counselling. As a registered psychotherapist (RP)/ Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC), I specialize in encouraging organizations to break mental chains and strive toward mental health awareness and empowerment. My greatest passion is to bring healing through creating safe spaces. When I am not leading my team, I can be found keeping physically active, travelling and enjoying the outdoors.
Vergia Davidson

Are You In?

The Make Your Team Work BluePrint is a perfect guide for managers leading midsized to large teams that are looking to increase retention, improve productivity and create a happy place to work.
Your Investement

BluePrint + Five Consultations. 

● The full workbook
● Five consultations of one hour (one hour for each module of the workbook)
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